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Quarim is a hitchhiker from Trier, Germany Flag Germany.png. He has hitchhiked in 21 countries in Europe but most of the way he did in Germany. See his logfile of hitchhiking for more statistics

He also enjoys traveling on his road bike. Right now not hitchhiking very much.

Quarim can communicate in german and english and also can make himself understandable in french and spanish, gaved up to learn russian.



  • blackbug<at>gmx<dot>de


Total hitchhiking distance: 35,355 km

Longest waits :

Shortest wait: no waiting time - only switching cars (more than 10 times)

Longest Lift: from somewhere on the motorway in Serbia to Vienna in Austria (over 600km)

Longest distance in 24h: from Trier to Berlin via Bielefeld (774 km)

Top speed: up to 260 km/h on the german A7 from Hannover to Hamburg (Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG)

Coldest Temperature hitchhiked: - 8°C at Dec 17th 2009 in Trier, and Feb 11th 2013 near Braunschweig

Hottest Temperature hitchhiked: + 35.7°C at August 12th 2009 in Nazaré, Portugal

Highest altitude hitchhiked: 2,106m Gotthard Pass, Switzerland in June 2011

Milestone of 25,000 km: Hitchhiked on 27th August 2010 between Osnabrück and Hannover, on that day they had a disaster alert in Osnabrück because of heavy rain and flooding. It was also the craziest weather Quarim hitchhiked in.


In Dubrovnik, Croatia, may 2008
Hitching a forbidden spot in Italy, june 2009.