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Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
Language: Czech
Capital: Prague
Population: 10,403,100
Currency: Czech crown (CZK)
Hitchability: Good.png (good)
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Czech Republic (czech: Česká republika) is a country in Europe, with borders to Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. It is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement.

In most cases hitchhiking there is quite easy. Czech Republic is a transit country with a dense traffic on the main roads. Along with the native drivers you can find there many drivers (especially truck drivers) from near-by countries. Local truck drivers are really friendly; young private car drivers often take two hitchhikers at a time, and many experiences show that Czechs understand hitchhiking excellently and often take hitchhikers several kms out of their route just to bring them closer to a better hitchhiking spot or their final destination. That works both for good and bad weather conditions. Older drivers usually speak only Czech, sometimes some Russian and more seldom German. Younger drivers usually have at least basic level of English. There is an assumption that for a young couple or two girls hitchhiking might go easier.

Hitchhiking is not allowed on highways and motorways - see map below. When using motorways for hitchhiking please use gas stations (service stations) where one can ask for a ride. Hitchhikers aren't protected by the driver's insurance.

When hitchhiking on regional roads make sure you are at a spot that is perfectly visible to the drivers - in summertime there are many over-speeding motorcycle drivers.

Highways motorways CZ.png

for HH spots visit also or if you are speaking Czech

Highways in the Czech Republic

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