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Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Region: Olomoucký kraj
Population: 100.000
Licence plate: ?M? ????
Major roads: 35 46
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Olomouc is a city in the Czech Republic.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Prostějov, Brno 46E 462

Take any tram heading to "Nová ulice". Get off the tram either at the stop "Fakultní nemocnice" (hospital) or "Pionýrská". Thumbs up on the main road heading to Prague, Bratislava or Vienna through Brno. Shouldn't take so long. Prefer cars that take you behind Brno in your direction.

Northwest towards Mohelnice 35E 442

Nice spot is in the end of streets Pražská and Erenburgova. There is a roundabout after which it is possible for car to stop.

To get there: Get on a Upper square (Horní náměstí) in centre of Olomouc. Get here a map (you can ask staff for Use-it map), this map shows just city centre, so you can get on spot through theese places: Náměstí Národních hrdinů- street Palackého- street Litovelská- Třída Míru- Pražská.

By Bus number 10 get at the stop Gymnázium Hejčín- you are on a street Erenburgova- now go in a direction to street Pražská- and there you can see roundabout.

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Highways in the Czech Republic

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