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Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Population: 33.964
Licence plate: ?B? ???? (Brno)
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Znojmo (Znaim in German) is small Czech city near Austrian border. It is located on E 59 between Prague (200 km) and Vienna (90 km).

Hitchhiking out

Northwest towards Jihlava, Praha 38E 59

At the end of Znojmo at "Pražská" street is OMV petrol station. There are good places before or behind the station for thumbing up or you can ask people directly. It's about 2 km walk from the centre.
If you're heading to Prague and your driver is only going to Jihlava, get off at the bus stop in Rančířov, last village before Jihlava. Easier to hitch there than search a place in Jihlava or its ring road.

Highways in the Czech Republic

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