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<map lat="50.764" lng="15.053" zoom='12' />
Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Region: Liberecký kraj
Population: 102.005
Licence plate: ?L? ????
Major roads: 35
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Liberec (Reichenberg in german) is a city in the north of the Czech Republic.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Mladá Boleslav, Praha 35E 442 -> 10E 65
+ southeast towards Hradec Králové 35E 442

From main train station cross the road and down there you can see the highway. Find the way down to the small parking with restaurant. You can hitchhike right after the tunnel where there is the sign restaurant/hotel for cars. It's little bit in turn and drivers don't have lot of time to see you but it's good place with lights in the evening.

Second option

500 m behind first spot is OMV petrol station. You can hitchhike either there or go little bit behind on the bridge.

Third option

Use the bus from centre (Fügnerova) direction "OC Nisa", which is free of charge. (usually every 30 minutes) And after getting out, just follow exit for Prague straight to the highway (across roundabout), where you'll find good spot

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Highways in the Czech Republic

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