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Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Region: Plzeňský kraj
Population: 169.536
Licence plate: ?P? ????
Major roads: 5 E 49 E 50 E 53
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Plzeň (Pilsen) with around 170.000 inhabitants is 4th biggest city in Czech Republic. It is located about 90 km west of Prague on the way to Germany. There are good spots for hitchhiking in every direction.

Hitchhiking out

Northeast towards Praha 5E 50

There are lot of possible spots for Prague (use sign "Praha" or "PHA"). Starting from Option 1 you can use any bus stop on the street till Option 2. There are enough cars to Prague all day and night long. Alternatively you can also use other highway-links; roads in direction of Klatovy or České Budějovice.

Option 1: Breweries

Spot at the mapHitchability: 4/5 Good.png (good) based on 4 ratingsAverage waiting time: 29min based on 6 experiences
Find main breweries (Gambrinus and Pilsner Urquell), they are at the main road to the highway to Prague. Walk until you see big crossroads and just behind it is great spot. You can also use trolley-buses 11, 15, 16, 17 and get of at station "Šumavská" or trolley-bus 13/bus 28 to station "U prazdroje" and continue to that crossroads by following the trolleys.

Option 2.1: Tesco trolleybus-stop

Spot at the mapHitchability: 4.7/5 Verygood.png (very good) based on 3 ratingsAverage waiting time: 12min based on 3 experiences
Terminus station of trolley-bus 11 - "Ústřední hřbitov". From the city you can also use free Tesco buses T1 and T2 which are going above Tesco. You have to walk down to the main road and little bit left to the bus-stop. This is good place with slow traffic and enough room to stop.

Option 2.2: Behind Tesco

Spot at the mapHitchability: 3.7/5 Good.png (good) based on 10 ratingsAverage waiting time: 27min based on 9 experiences
Walk behind Tesco, stay at the beginning of the petrol station turn-out lane or ask at the station.

Going through/around Prague

It's definitely possible to hitchhike through Prague in major directions. It can take 1-2 hours but searching way with public transport can be as slow and complicated if you don't know Prague. Try to stick to petrol stations at "Jižní spojka" (southern connection) and hop from one to the other.

From D5 to D1 (direction Brno) you can use Prague ring road, get off at last petrol station at D5 called Rudná and hitchhike there with D1 or Brno sign.

West towards Cheb, Nürnberg, Regensburg 5E 50 or Domažlice, Cham 26

Option 1: Škoda VII. brána

In the city centre there are pretty good maps showing the way out, but for example from náměstí Republiky keep walking Solní (Palackého náměstí – Přemyslova – Skvrňanská – and finally Domažlická) about 1,5 km until you see a bus stop (Škoda VII. brána - trolley-bus 12) that is just before a railroad crossing. You can hitchhike either from the bus stop or the empty area between the stop and the raidroad. This spot is ok, but you'll probably find better ones by taking a bus a bit forward down the road 26.

Option 2: Nová Hospoda

Spot at the mapHitchability: 3.8/5 Good.png (good) based on 4 ratingsAverage waiting time: 56min based on 4 experiences
It's quite long walk from city. But from terminus of trolley-buses 12, 15, 17 "Nová Hospoda" (be careful not every of them ends there) go little bit back to the main road, continue right (there is bus stop) several hundred meters to the new big road. You will see small green bridge for cyclists over it and behind is the ramp. You'll find your place there. Even though cars go faster in 2 lanes and little bit in turn it's good spot. There are lot of prostitutes around, show your backpack!

Less than 1 km behind this spot is petrol station. There are more prostitutes and their customers than cars going for petrol. But you can find truck for long distance. Another 1 km behind is highway D5. Hitchhiking there is possible also.

Option 3: Zátiší

Spot at the mapHitchability: 4/5 Good.png (good) based on 1 ratingAverage waiting time: 31min based on 3 experiences
Take trolley-bus 12 to the stop "Zátiší". Half of them end there, half continue to "Nová hospoda". You can hitch at the bus stop or ask people at ONO petrol station where lot of people go for cheap petrol.

Southeast towards České Budějovice, Linz 20E 49

Option 1: K Dráze

Spot at the mapHitchability: 4/5 Good.png (good) based on 1 ratingAverage waiting time: 2min based on 1 experience
From tram 2 terminus "Světovar" walk 1.5 km to the bus-stop "K Dráze". That's the best spot, don't walk further. Road to České Budějovice is full of villages with many good spots for hitchhiking.

Northwest towards Karlovy Vary, Sokolov 20E 49

Option 1: Severka

Spot at the mapHitchability: 4/5 Good.png (good) based on 1 ratingAverage waiting time: 10min based on 1 experience
Take tram 4 in direction "Košutka", get out at "Severka". At the crossroads turn up, you can try luck there at the bus stop or continue by bus 30 to the Option 2.

Option 2: Globus/Fire department

Spot at the mapHitchability: 4/5 Good.png (good) based on 1 ratingAverage waiting time: 19min based on 2 experiences
Take bus 30 to the terminus "Úněšovská, Globus". There find main road (roundabout is there), you can go little bit back to the city. There is fire department and nice place to hitchhike. Or you can hitch after the roundabout and get the people leaving the Globus mall, too.

South towards Klatovy, Deggendorf 27E 53

Option 1:

Spot at the mapHitchability: 4/5 Good.png (good) based on 1 ratingAverage waiting time: 15min based on 1 experience
From "Bory" (terminus of tram 4; buses 21, 23, 24, 26, 30, 32, 36) look in direction of tram tracks and walk left (street Kaplířova, there should be signs Prague and Klatovy). After 900 m before the small petrol station turn right under the bridge. There is good ramp for hitchhiking.

Option 2: Bory (old spot)

Spot at the mapHitchability: 3.6/5 Good.png (good) based on 5 ratingsAverage waiting time: 21min based on 4 experiences
From tram no. 4 terminus "Bory" cross the road and there is long bus stop. This spot is still usable but waiting times are longer and longer. Most of people go to the nearby dam or to Plzeň-Litice.

North towards Most, Chomutov 27

Option 1: Bolevec

Spot at the mapHitchability: 3/5 Average.png (average) based on 2 ratingsAverage waiting time: 1h 55min based on 2 experiences
Take tram 1, go to the terminus "Bolevec", go little bit back to main road and hitchhike at bus stop behind traffic lights.

Hitchhiking in

By highway from any direction 5E 50

Get off at the exit "Plzeň - Černice", Olympia shopping centre is there. Be careful and go from the highway near the shopping centre, you will see bus stop. Trolley-buses no. 13 not really often go to the city centre. Walking is also possible but city is not near, watch signs "Slovany".

If your driver is willing to take you more into the city s/he can use exit 89 and 2 km from the highway is big roundabout and lot of buses to various parts of Pilsen. Another option is exit 80 where it's 2 km to tram 4 terminus "Bory" and exit 73 where it's about 2 km to tram 2 terminus "Světovar".

Many drivers will offer you to go trough Pilsen, it's not that much longer for them and it can save you lot of time

When we hitched in from Prague direction our driver dropped us on a ramp that links the highway with the dual carriageway into the city. It looked like an ok spot to hitch anoher lift in but someone called the police who tried to issue fines. We just acted like really lost and confused tourists and they gave us a lift some of the way to the city and no fine. It is worth noting that they said it was ilegal to hitch down this ramp even though we were off the highway.

Public transport

City transport is very good in the whole city, even at night. You can get a free map in the city information centre at Náměstí Republiky (main square). For timetables, maps, prices and more information see Basic tariff prices are in the table bellow.

Ticket type Price Where to buy
30 min, non-transfer (must be marked in vehicle) 18 Kč 0.67 € tobaccos
30 Kč 1.12 € driver
30 min, transfer 16 Kč 0.6 € in vehicles with contactless card
60 min, transfer 20 Kč 0.74 €
180 min, transfer 34 Kč 1.27 €
24 hours, transfer 60 Kč 2.23 €
no-ticket - minimal fine 500 Kč 18.62 € just don't get caught

Highways in the Czech Republic

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