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Ústí nad Labem
<map lat="50.6680594" lng="14.0318733" zoom='12' view='0' height='350' width='420' />
Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Population: 94.258
Licence plate: ?U? ????
Major roads: D8
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Ústí nad Labem is a city in the north of the Czech Republic, located on the E55 highway which is a major route between the Czech Republic and Germany.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Dresden, Germany 8E 55

Take the bus number 11 from the center of the city (a ticket will costs about 15 krones/0.60€) and then get out on the bus stop "Úžín" where you can immediately stop a car.

Second option

Go to the main bus station and take a bus to the village "Varvažov" (the bus stop is called "Telnice, Varvažov") then continue to part of the village "U Kina" and there you'll see a gas station on the D8/E55 highway. You can reach the station by a small road that crosses under the highway.

Northwest towards Děčín, NP Bohemian Switzerland, Liberec 62E 442

Take the bus no. 19 or follow the river 1.5 km from main train station to the bus stop "Stavební stroje". You can hitchhike either there or continue 500 metres more to the petrol station.

Highways in the Czech Republic

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