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Hradec Králové
<map lat='50.205727609972' lng='15.84177169' zoom='11' view='0' height='350' width='420'/>
Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Population: 94.252
Licence plate: ?H? ????
Major roads: D11
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Hradec Králové is a city in the Czech Republic.

Hitching out

East towards Brno, Olomouc 35E 442

Take the trolleybus 1 or 2 from the railway station in the direction Kluky (or "Nový Hradec Králové" for 2) and get off at the stop Nový Hradec Králové. Then go back about 200 m along the street Partyzánská towards the city centre, and turn right onto the street Lesní. After another 200 m there's a crossing with national road I/35 / E442. The road is very good for hitching. It is straight, so you will be seen from far away, and there's a lot of room for a driver to stop. Also a signing reading "Svitavy" is useful, as there the road splits into 43/E461 to Brno and 35/E442 continues to Olomouc.

West towards Praha 11E 67 or Pardubice

Take the trolleybus 3 in the direction Albert HM and get off at the stop Bláhovka. Few meters from this stop is one good spot to hitchhike - N 50.201167, E 15.77855. Sign PHA recommended. This is the fastest way to reach Prague, because this road heads directly to D11 Highway.

Northeast towards Náchod, Wrocław, Opole 33E 67
+ north towards Trutnov, Wałbrzych, Legnica, Jelenia Góra 33E 67 -> 37

Great place to hitchhike is little bit out of the city, 2,5 km walk from main train/bus station. Find the road E442, signs are everywhere, and walk out of the city. You will see big roundabout and to the right is your direction. Just after it you can hitchhike. Doesn't look like the best spot but it's good.

You can also walk another 50-100 metres in this direction. There is a railway crossing with some space for parking behind it. Cars go quite slowly at this place and there is lot of space to stop.

If you are coming from Prague and want to continue around Hradec Králové, you can ask driver to take you there (to the split between E67 and E442). It's not much longer for car but can save you lot of walking.

Northwest towards Jičín, Liberec 35E 442

Same roundabout as above. Just not to the right but straight if you're walking from the city. There is small bus stop behind it, great place to hitchhike. On the road before Turnov are lot of villages with good spots.

Highways in the Czech Republic

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