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Jelenia Góra
<map lat="50.89042224346447" lng="15.737288424021587" zoom="12" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Poland
Coat of arms of Lower Silesian (Voivodeship).png
Lower Silesian (Voivodeship)
Population: 87,643
Licence plate: DJ
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Jelenia Góra is a city in Poland, close to the Karkonosze mountain range.

Hitching out

West towards Zgorzelec 30 and South towards Szklarska Poręba, Harrachov 3

Get to the roundabout at the roads 30 and 3 on the west side of the city by following road 3 through the city. Hitch straight after the roundabout in the desired direction.

East towards Wrocław

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