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Flag of Poland
Coat of arms of Lower Silesian (Voivodeship).png
Lower Silesian (Voivodeship)
Population: 120,197
Licence plate: DW
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Wałbrzych is a city in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Poland. Wałbrzych is a very long, spread out city in north/south direction, with many small villages and cities around it. That's why it can be hard to hitch in, out or around the city. Be sure of where you're getting off when you want to hitch further.

Hitching out

North towards Wrocław 35, Świebodzice

A good spot seems to be close to the city centre, right next to the train station Wałbrzych Miasto. There's a bus stop on the crossing of the road 35 and 11 Listopada street. Even though the city continues for a few more kilometers north, this is the end of the south part of the city, so there must be some chance to get a ride.

North-east towards Wrocław (road 379), Swidnica

An alternative route to Wrocław is via Swidnica on road 379. On the crossing of 11 Listopada and Strzegomska is a good spot, right next to a park called Rusinowa. To get here from the city centre, walk along Piłsudskiego street in north-eastern direction, then turn right at the end. Here you'll find a bus stop where you can already hitch, but you can also choose to walk 2,5km more along 11 Listopada to the spot mentioned.

South-east towards Nowa Ruda, Kłodzko

From the city centre, walk along Piłsudskiego street in north-eastern direction, then turn right at the end. Here's a bus stop where you can hitch from. The next crossing is 2,5km away and it has a good spot too in direction Kłodzko, so it might be worth it to wait for a ride here. It usually comes faster than you can walk ;)

South towards Mieroszów, Czech Republic 35

On the crossing of road 35/Al. Niepodległości is a bus stop, just after the sharp turn in the road. From the city centre, just follow Al. Niepodległości in eastern direction until you get to road 35.

West to Kamienna Góra

Just after the big junction (in clover leaf shape) of road 35 and 367 there's a gas station and bus stop on the 367 (Ul. 1 Maja). The bus stop is right after Skarżyska street. Walk out of the city centre on ul. 1 Maja in western direction until you see the gas station.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are more than enough forests around the city, just walk up one of the forested hills and pitch your tent!

Other useful info

In the area are some of the underground 'cities' belonging to Project Riese. Some of them are completely closed, some are exploited commercially, but there are others that you can explore on your own. Be sure to have a good headlamp :) Check the link for exact locations of the entrances.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

Check Nomadwiki for info on accommodation, showers etc. or Trashwiki for dumpsters...and share your wisdom :)