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Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Region: Olomoucký kraj
Population: 44.387
Licence plate: ?M? ???? (Olomouc), old: PV
Major roads: R46
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Prostějov is a city in Czech Republic.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Olomouc 46E 462

Go trough city street Olomoucká in direction of the shopping centre TESCO (you can ask people, everybody knows where this is), on the roundabout turn right go 10 metres and stay between pedestrian crossing and bus station. To Olomouc you will stay at least 10 minutes.

South towards Brno 46E 462

From city go down the street Dolní to the motorway approach Prostějov - střed (or ask people how to go to Kralice), on the crossroad before motorway turn right and stay 5 metres from crossroad. To Brno you will stay max. 30 minutes.

Second option

From city center go street Brněnská (or in direction to cemetery (“Městský hřbitov”)). You will stay before petrol station Avanti – cars can stop there. To Brno you will wait max. 30 minutes.

West towards Boskovice 150

Walk along the street Plumlovská, beyond the city closely before petrol station EuroOil deviate slightly right and stay where you want.

Highways in the Czech Republic

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