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Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Population: 50.760
Licence plate: ?J? ????
Major roads: D1
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Jihlava is a historic city in the Czech Republic halfway between Prague and Brno at the border between Bohemia and Moravia.

Hitchhiking out

Northwest towards Prague 1E 50E 59E 65
+ southeast towards Brno 1E 50E 65
+ north towards Havlíčkův Brod 38

Take the bus number 12 or 36 and get out on bus stop "Bosch diesel odb.". Jump over the small fence and go down the small hill and continue on small road around parking lot of big bosch diesel factory. Then you'll see a railway station "Jihlava-Bosch Diesel", so go there, jump over the rails and you'll see approach road. Then continue to the right on this approach road and after 1km theres a bridge and slip-road to the highway D1. Before the bridge is one for Brno direction, and after the bridge for Prague direction. Theres much space enough to stop.

Second option

Take the bus number 12 and get out on bus stop "Pávov,II", then take the same way to the gas station as I write about in "hitching in" section.

Third option

Tested for Prague several times (sign "Praha" or "PHA"). Find main bus station, then walk little bit more to (trolley-)bus stop "U městských domů". Most of cars go probably different direction but it saves you lot of time because you don't have to approach the highway (6 km from the centre) and you don't have to use public transport (it's not so big city for walking).

South towards Znojmo, Vienna 38E 59

Take trolleybus "A" to the stop "Brtnická ul.". Then go few meters back to the other main road (Znojemská street) and continue on foot. After 500 meters there will be an OMV gas station, but it is best continue another 500 meters to the BENZINA gas station which is a good point for stopping a car on the E59. If you'll wait there a very long time, continue on the road until you reach the crossroads with the bypass around Jihlava, where more cars join the road towards Vienna.

Hitching in

By highway from any direction

Theres a big gas station OMV right before the exit to Jihlava on the highway, so try to stop here if the driver is not going directly to Jihlava. It is about 7 km from the highway to the city. Then go to the end of the gas station (as you would like to continue to Brno direction) and you will see forest and small path, so go this way. After 1.5 km you'll see a small village called Nový Pávov where there is the bus stop "Pávov,II" for the Jihlava public transportation system (ticket is for 16 krones, about 0.60€). Wait for bus number 12, which goes to the centre (the bus stop for the main square is "Masarykovo nám.horní").

For me was always much better to continue with driver to Jihlava exit. It is safe to stop there. And you will go just down and hitchhike at the ramp. I always waited only few minutes and went directly to Jihlava (various parts). At that OMV gas station I stuck once and after an hour walked in the forest to that ramp. - Kundrt

Accommodation and Sleep and Other Useful Info

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Highways in the Czech Republic

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