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Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Population: 75.555
Licence plate: ?Z? ????
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Zlín (Czech pronunciation: [zliːn]; German: Zlin), from 1949 to 1990 Gottwaldov, is a city in Zlín Region, southeastern Moravia, Czech Republic, on the Dřevnice River. The development of the modern city is closely connected to the Bata Shoes company. Anyway, the city is really calm and nice. The architecture is not so impressive but there are many good galleries especialy for young artist. Also you can see there nice museum of shoes, of course :D There is also the second biggest Zoo in Cz (if you support this cause) which is made in the forest.

Zlín is very good town for hitch-hike in every direction. its normal to wait between 10 - 20 minutes . Its better if you have signs.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Brno 49

The spot is near to Otrokovice but its no problem if you start hitch-hike from the bus stops in the city. It works perfect. Gavriella has never waited more than 20 minutes. Usually to Brno you can change 2 cars but if you want to go to another direction after Brno, tell the driver to leave you at the petrol station before Brno.

East towards Slovakia and north towards Ostrava 49

First option

You can go on the main street "Třída Tomáše Bati" at the end of the street there is a Lidl supermarket and after another 5 min of walking you're on a goodish spot; sometimes it's a stand for speed measuring police car. At Vizovice (15 km) continue by the road 49 towards Slovakia or by the road 69 towards Vsetín and Ostrava. Most of people from Zlín goes the latter direction.

Second option

Take a trolleybus 1, 11 or 12 to Příluky. Hitchhike before the traffic lights at the neighboring bus stop. Great spot - plenty of space to shoulder, no walking.

Highways in the Czech Republic

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