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Flag of Vatican Vatican
Language: Italian, Latin
Capital: Vatican City
Population: 842
Currency: Euro
Hitchability: <rating country='va' />
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<map lat='41.903263034132724' lng='12.453161643981934' zoom='15' view='0' float='right'/>

The State of the Vatican City (official sovereign territory of the Holy See) is the smallest independent state in the world, located within the city of Rome in Italy.

It is very hard to hitch a ride on the vatican territory - the parkings and the streets leading to it are blocked by the swiss guard. It is so small that there is no need to hitchhike.

Number plate

There are less than 500 vehicles registered in Vatican. The number plate is white with black letters beginning with SCV or CV. It might be a hitchhikers challenge to hitchhike with a car registered in Vatican.


(Wild)camping is not possible in Vatican City - every place where you can go as a tourist is full of people, the other places are watched by the swiss guard. There are no hostels or hotels on the Vatican territory.