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Flag of Italy
Population: 2,708,395
Licence plate: RM
Major roads: A1, A12, A90
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Rome is the capital of Italy.

Hitching out

North towards Firenze, Milano

Option 1

Take bus 92 from Termini, get off at Salaria ("Prati Fiscali/Salaria" no to be confused with the street named "Via Salaria" wich is quite a few stops before the actual "Salaria" stop). Its is right at the entrance of some kind of motorway (wich is not yet the highhay, the pay toll ("pedaggio") entering on highway A1 is still about 6 km away). You can walk along this two-lanes motorway and find a petrol station a few hundreds meters further up. There, ask for a ride to the highway. People could also be heading to Rieti (check this name), ask them if they can let you at the pay toll ("casello"), where there is a petrol station right before. Guaka and amylin waited 20 minutes for a ride (which is a lot less than the average waiting time in Italy). Reminder: this is not a good neighborhood with plenty of prostitutes. Hitching after 22:00 is not recommended, nor is girls hitching alone here. 25 Sept 2009: Men picking women up here are likely to ask for sex. Even at the next gas station. Don't be too eager to get in the car here, choose wisely!

Option 2

This is a petrol station on the motorway A1 towards Firenze. To get there, take the metro (costs 1.5 euro) to "Tiburtina", and from there a regional train to "Settebagni". It takes 20 minutes, leaves every 15 minutes on weekdays and costs 1 Euro. You can follow this route to the footbridge over the motorway which leads you to the petrol station - the road is called Via dell'Inviolatella Salaria. You shouldn't walk more than about 20-25 minutes from the station. Until Firenze, there are around 5 more petrol stations to change cars, so it goes quite well. The last one is 5 km before Firenze.

As of November 2019, Via dell'Inviolatella Salaria remains blocked by a construction site at the hairpin turn of Via della Maremma, around halfway to the station. Because of the hill's slope on the other side and the breadth of the construction site you should not turn there onto Via della Maremma, but rather skirt the fencing of the construction site to its left (facing it as you approach). Past a thicket the fencing gives way and you can continue on Via dell'Inviolatella Salaria to the footbridge. On the other side of the footbridge there is a clear path to the highway, where the fence has been smashed down for easy jumping. From there you can walk along the highway or embankment to the station.

Also as of November 2019, the restaurant at this station is closed for renovations of some kind. The gas station remains open, and there are still bathrooms and a coffee machine, but in the experience of Movethathoof many people pull in, see the restaurant is closed, and zoom right out again.

Problem: If you don't find the way, or if the way is blocked (e.g. in March 2014, by a massive building site), it is really really hard to get to the spot. There are swamps, loads of fences, private property, tremendously overgrown ramps and murderous blackberry bushes. Local people don't seem to know anything about the little footbridge, so you need to be quite determined.

Alternative: This is petrol station which should at least bring you on the highway A1. (But probably it's worth looking for a totally other petrol station on A1 which is reachable by public transport; at the latter station a lot of people don't head onto the motorway, a lot head home)

To Grosseto: Take bus to Maglianella/Riserva Di Torretta, and walk a little bit forward to the highway and turn left, walk 20meters, there is a bus stop  « Aurelia/Brava », a big place for car to stop.

South towards Napoli, Sicily

First Option: This is the first gas station on the highway connecting Rome to the A1 highway going south. It's still inside the city, so very easy to reach, but it's already on the highway. There is a fence on the back but if you look trough some bushes where a little building is, the fence is broken and easy to climb, or there is an hole in the bottom (to be updated if they fix it). Go to Anagnina station either by metro or by bus (it's one of the biggest terminal in Rome) take the bus 046 and stop at "carnevale lettere", the gas station is only 400 m away. Walk back for a few meters cross the road and turn right on via cavaglieri, and then the first left, and at the end of the street there is the gas station. there are also other buses going around the area (500, 504...) just use the route planner of public transport to see what's the best for you

Second Option: Take Line No. 105 (Staz. ne Grotte Celoni) to the stop 'Casilina/Tor Vergata (29 stops), walk 150 meters, go to stop Tor Vergata/Casilina, take Line No. 507 (Anagnina (Ma)) to Heidelberg (4 stops) take Line No. 509 (Fosso del Cavaliere/CNR) to Fosso del Cavaliere/CNR (2 stops).

Just take bus 105 and then get off after 29 stops and follow the sign Napoli to your right and then at keep left at the tournabout. Bus stops are a good indication that you're on the right path. Via del Fosso del Cavaliere takes you to the other side of the motorway, and from there keep walking towards the gas station; you can enter it from the backside. Don't bother about "forbidden entrance". And now you can continue hitchhiking towards Napoli/Sicily.

East towards Pescara, L'Aquila

From Termini go by metro line B to Ponte Mammolo station, and there you can take bus 508 (that is first station) and go untill last station - Mondavio. That is one long ride and you will come close to crossroad of second ring of highway around Rome and highway from Rome to east [Pescara, L Aquila]. Actually from that last station (Mondavio),you have walking around 500m to highway and then choose left to toll (around 1000m) or right to gas station (the same distance). We were walking on the highway which is illegal, but we had a luck not to be caught by police. Link for buses and metro in Rome: Link for map of gas stations on italian highways:

There's a much more practical option if you want to head east. It's a gas station at the very beginning of A24 on the outbound side. GPS coordinates are: 41.900767, 12.549775 While the gas station described above has got traffic heading other directions already filtered out, this one serves people going multiple directions, but is way closer to the city center, easier to reach and still very effective. From Roma Termini, ride subway line B towards Rebibbia, and get off at Monti Tiburtini. From there, walk down the main road until you're just past the second overpass (exact coordinates here: 41.902511, 12.556836). From there, walk up the off-ramp trying to keep behind the guardrail. At some point you'll have to walk on the very road because of a fence surrounding a canal, but you can climb back over the guardrail after that. At the end of the off-ramp, you'll have to walk on the motorway again, but it's just a very short distance, and a part of it is ever sheltered by a concrete divider. The gas station is just a few meters down the road. My friend and I (two boys) tried this in October 2017 and it was fine. The staff was very tolerant, they told us we were fine as long as we didn't stand under the covered part of the station, but there's plenty of other areas to ask people, like the parking lot and the self-service lot. We got a ride after 30 minutes, and it took us 4 rides to make it all the way to Teramo.

Public transport

There were hardly any checks on tickets in buses, and you could even take a bus from Sabaudia (90 kilometers away) without paying for a ticket - until November 2007, when there was an increase in the number of officials checking for tickets on buses and trams in Roma. This is said to be a direct result of new systems in the metro requiring less man-power there. Just keep your eyes open, officials are easy to spot and to avoid. In 2009, some people were fined in a tram; they were caught while they were leaving. You can buy tickets in bars or in news-stalls.

It is very hard to be fined for not having a ticket in Rome, but it may happen (as of 2017). One good method is to purchase a ticket but not validate it. Spend your journey beside one of the yellow validation machines (check it is not "out of service" first - fuori servizio), so that in case an official checkers arrives, you can validate it. You can keep going for months like this in Rome. If you want to take the metro you need a ticket. In some metro stations you can try to enter 2 people with 1 ticket if no officials are looking. If you are using the "trenino" (small train) from Termini to Centocelle, keep in mind that at the 2 end stations (Roma Laziali at Termini, and Centocelle) you have to validate the ticket like on the metro but at any other station you don't. So you can just walk one station and board on the train.

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