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Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Language: Greek, Turkish
Capital: Nicosia
Population: 794,600
Currency: Euro ( € ) in the south, Turkish Lira (TRL) in the north
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Cyprus is a Eurasian island country in the Mediterranean Sea. It is divided into Greek (Republic of Cyprus) and Turkish (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) parts. The UN still treats the North of the island as a militarily occupied area. The Republic of Cyprus is part of the European Union.

In the North buses are a little expensive, but frequent and fast, and hitching is quite easy. In the South you can move around a single region for one or two euro, and for this reason most people will be confused as to why you're hitch-hiking. Never the less, it's quite easy to find a ride, even within the city, but be sure that they take you to a good location if not going to your destination. Police will not be understanding if you are standing right on the motorway. In rural areas and in Troodos mountains it's easy to hitchhike, even with little traffic, everyone stops for you, even without asking. The locals simply put out their hand with the palm to the ground, but all seem to understand the thumb, and this is probably good for you as a sign that you're a traveller.

In the South costs are higher than most of Europe except for when taxes are lower like for alcohol & cigarettes. Southern Cyprus like many places has become 2 cultures on top of each other native and immigrant i.e. a village square has a store and opposite a Bulgarian/Romanian/Philipina place with cheaper stuff. The North is usually about half price for many things, but alcohol is a little more expensive.


(Turkish names of cities in brackets)

Border crossing

The EU doesn't recognise the Turkish right to put a border, so if you have a passport/visa valid for the EU you can cross it without limitation. It makes no difference if you entered from Turkey and have a stamp. (Note all native born Northern Cypriots can enter the south, but most Turkish immigrants and other guest workers from the north cannot, because they don't have EU visas)

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