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Flag of Malta Malta
Language: Maltese, English
Capital: Valletta
Population: 502.500 (2019)
Currency: Euro
Hitchability: <rating country='mt' />
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<map lat='35.935' lng='14.385' zoom='10' view='3' height='300' country='Malta'/>

Malta is a small island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement.

It is very densely populated, and there is very little distance between centres. Hitching is very easy though, often you don't even have to leave town. Gozo Island especially is very easy to hitch around. Everyone knows English, and many can communicate in Italian and Arabic.

There's also the little island of Comino where there's a free campground. Camp out here at night and walk to the Blue Lagoon in the early morning before the tourist stampede arrives and swim to the Cominotto rock which has a cool swimming cave. Comino has a few roads, but barely any traffic and all corners are walking distance anyway.

Touchdown! That's a really cool way of ptuitng it!

Hitchhiking in/out

As Malta is an island, one has to go boathitching. Mind of a Hitchhiker managed to hitchhike a yacht directly from Corfu in Greece in 2015 after spending six days dockwalking in the Gouvia Marina a few kilometers north of Corfu city. The closest land from Malta are Tunisia and Sicily in Italy, but to the continent of Africa there's not a whole lot going especially after the attacks on hotels in Tunisia. Malta has a buttload of marinas with moored private yachts year round. Go to the captain's office so they know your face and purpose plus you can get access to the often locked docks. you have to have a telephone number to be called by the people with potential offers.

There's also a ferry going to Sicily on a daily basis which costs €140 one-way and €74 day return ticket. You're not being forced to return, so take the return ticket.

Public Transport

Public transport is very cheap, but can take quite a long time, especially during rush hour. The other annoyance is that almost all public transport is based from the main cities (Valleta in Malta, and Victoria on Gozo), so you have to always go there to make connections.


Personal Experiences

I really enjoyed hitchhiking around Malta, Gozo and Comino for the three weeks I was there. The population is very international and almost everybody works in the online casinos that Malta is hosting. Couchsurfing was easy, freecamping too on Gozo and Comino. It's bloody hot, but people are friendly and generous for such an expensive place. The Valletta, Sliema and St Julian's area are very densely populated, but people and buses are quite willing to pick you up for free. I even hitchhiked y first airplane here and saw the rock of Filfla from the sky. That's all of the Maltese territory. Hitchhiking a boat out turned out to be too difficult. I tried for seven days, but I would have found something if I wasn't under time pressure. You can find full reports on these events on my website. MOAH

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