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Flag of Kosovo Kosovo
Language: Albanian, Serbian
Capital: Prishtina
Population: 2.2 million
Currency: Euro (€)
Hitchability: Average.png (average) to Verygood.png (very good)
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Kosovo is a new independent republic in southeastern Europe, which has been under United Nations administration since 1999.

Nowadays, most of cars have new RKS number plates. They look like EU number plates, with 'RKS' on the blue strip on the left side. They are followed by a single number which can tell you about city which the car is from.

Code Districts
01 Prishtina
02 Mitrovica
03 Peja
04 Prizren
05 Ferizaj
06 Gjilan
07 Gjakova

Hitch-hiking in Kosovo is very easy as people are very eager to take foreigners. Your appearance and look will most likely play in your success, western people will certainly be more successful on waiting along the road and many people with Kosovo will be glad to meet and help you if possible. People from the US are generally extremely appreciated and should bring more help than for some other nation as locals appreciate the effort given by the US government but also wish to avoid any trouble that might come by causing harm to such foreign citizen. Sometimes the drivers would even stop without you signaling that you need a drive and offer you help. They often want to share with you their personal histories and to tell you about history of Kosovo.

Make sure to keep an eye on the road you are going, if the driver make a sudden turn around, changes his natural path or take another direction, it is likely that he thinks he is doing good by bringing you to the local bus or train station. You therefore will have to be reiterative on stating that you do 'autostop' all the way. (This part is most probably redundant at least as of late-2011.)

In Kosovo, and in Serbia near the border, you may be propositioned by jitney cab drivers - regardless of how typical-hitchhiker you think you look. Some will tell you before you get in, others will wait until you're already in, all will, recognizing you as a foreigner, probably ask for amounts of 10-25 euros which is exponentially above what any local would pay.

Border crossing


As of August 2011, several sources in the Prizren and Peja regions told Zenit that the border between Kosovo and Serbia is closed due to protests (street blockades, occasionally riots) by the Serbian minority. He didn't go to enquire as the "illegal entry" issues (see below) would have rendered entry into Serbia via this border unlikely for him, anyway.

At checkpoints your passport will be examined by Serbian officers and again, after a few metres, by Kosovar officials, just like any international border crossing.

Crossing from Kosovo back into Serbia is generally a longer process. Most importantly, if you enter Kosovo directly (i.e. from Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, or by flying) without first entering Serbia you are quite likely to be denied entry to Serbia for having "illegally entered Serbia" (officially Serbia still considers Kosovo to be Serbian territory). The border guards will know because you do not have a Serbian visa stamp in your passport. In this case, the Serbian officers will insist you enter through Montenegro or North Macedonia instead.

For all EU-passport holders keep in mind that you can travel with your ID in Serbia as well as Kosovo. Therefore to avoid problems just use your IDs for both countries and you will be save anyway.

Kral vsech mori- april 2017: I've entered Kosovo from Albania and from Kosovo I wanted go to Sebia. I have two passports(EU passports) so I used one for Kosovo control and hoped that if I will use another one for Serbian control, they will not see my Kosovo stamp and will not know from where I entered Kosovo but it didn' t worked and I have to go through North Macedonia. But they told me that if I would have ID card with me, that they would alowed me to go without any problems.

"Kurdun Burdun - June 2019" I am a citizen of Russia, studying in Poland. I have national Polish visa valid for every country of EU (except for Great Britain and Ireland), so I tried to go to Kosovo through Albania. However, it was not possible, the officers said that I need multi Shengen visa and with my national Polish visa I can't enter. So beware, this is the exception of national EU visa permission area, they accept multi Shengen visa only.

North Macedonia

  • Hani i Elezit-Dolno Blace border crossing

Crossing this border is not a big problem. However, it is quite difficult to get out from Skopje to this border crossing. Kosovo is not the most welcomed destination for North Macedonians so you need to stand somewhere on E65 to catch Kosovar drivers going back to country. Fortuntiely, it is very easy to catch Kosovar drivers because they welcome tourists who are quite rare and they like to help you. Therefore, taking a taxi to E65 or to Kachanik Road can be considered as well. The border can be crossed both on foot or in the car. They are many people carrying drags through this border, so if you are not sure about driver, it can be better to cross on foot. The crossing is smooth. Both officers are kind and welcome to help you. As written above, it is strongly not recommended to cross Kosovar-Serbian border after entering to Kosovo from North Macedonia.


  • Kula border crossing

Kula border crossing is one of places you will pass to avoid problems in Kosovar-Serbian border when you have entered Kosovo from North Macedonia, Albania or Montenegro and going to Serbia. The border crossing is located around 1700m above the sea level and the no man's land is very big. Both border crossing points have no problem. However there are not many cars going on this way so it is better to find someone going directly to Rozaje from Kosovo and cross in the car. Cebula and Damkota14 were crossing this border and had no problem. However, they camped on the Montenegro side and the police caught to check passports, so camping in the woods near by the border is not recommended.

  • I crossed here in Aug. 2022 and highly recommend it. There is a small waterfall and cave on the road leading towards the crossing, when you get back there is a nice hitchhiking spot. It is a long ride both up and down the mountain. Just walk across the border to skip the (short) wait, there are some radiation warning signs and the post is tiny. Some people go there just for renewing their insurance. It's fun. -Rebew (talk)



Albanian is the most commonly spoken language. Older people usually speak Serbian, so if you know Serbian and English you should understand with almost everyone.

Flash Lingua

  • Si jeni? (See Yani) = How are you?
  • Mire (Mir) = I'm fine.
  • Me Fal (Mah Fal) = Sorry
  • Ju lutem (You Loo-tam) = Please
  • Faleminderit = Thank you
  • Qifsha nonen (Chifsha nonen) = Fuck your mother

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