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Prizren is a town in Kosovo. One of the most beautiful cities in Kosovo where you can actually do sightseeing.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Pristina

Just find NATO st in the north part of the city. Walk until you see KFOR military base and you can start there. It's pretty easy to get a lift directly to Pristina.

Southwest towards Albania

From the centre of Prizren, walk west on the big road called Remzi Ademaj. Continue west until you're out of the centre (it is not far) and see a gas station. From here, you can thumb and people will quickly stop for you. Watch out, however, for people that actually want money.

Northwest towards Gjakova, Peja

Walk Northwest on the big road called Wesley Clark. The further out you go the easier it is to get a hitch. There are also a couple of gas stations along the way. From here, you can thumb, and there is an emergency lane along the way so it is easy for cars to stop for you.

Southeast towards Kacanik, Skopje

It is quite close to the city centre. Follow the river Bistrica eastbound. As soon as you reach R115 start catching. There is a roundabout where the road and river changes direction to the mountains with bridge next to it. There is a plenty of space and there are not as many cars going comparing to Prishtina so it should not be difficult.