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Hitchhiking because I'm broke and want some adventures. Currently in Berlin, at home.

Also active on other hospitality networks like BeWelcome, Trustroots. Fuck Couchsurfing for capitalizing on it.

My journeys:

  1. Potsdam - Istanbul - Rügen - Potsdam: 5.158 kms (minus a few hundred kilometers in coaches and trains)
  2. Potsdam - Munich - Linz - Budapest - Kecskémet - ... (to be continued!)
  3. Hamburg - Essen: 372kms
  4. Wittenberg - Potsdam: 70kms
  5. Bakenberg - Nonnevitz - Bakenberg: 5kms

By rides:

Date Start Drop off Wait time Vehicle Notes
2020 Hamburg Bremen 1hr Car
2020 Bremen Essen 1hr Car Express package courier / taxi
26. July 2021 Potsdam Czech Border 2hr Truck
26. July 2021 Czech Border Brno 5min Car
27. July 2021 Brno Bratislava 8hrs Small truck
28. July 2021 Bratislava Budapest 2hrs Truck
30. July 2021 Budapest Kecskemét 30mins Audi Q8
30. July 2021 Kecskemét Arad 30mins Truck
30. July 2021 Arad Vidin 1hr Truck Humanitarian Aid Transport from Munich to Bulgaria, Johanniter
31. July 2021 Vidin Sofia Train Ticket was donated by someone at the Romanian border.
1. August 2021 Sofia Istanbul Train
9. August 2021 Istanbul Bursa 30mins Truck Ferry in Eskihisar
9. August 2021 Bursa Balikesir 30mins Car Bad experience, drivers were high. Quickly left on a highway intersection.
9. August 2021 Balikesir Ayvalik 5mins Car
10. August 2021 Ayvalik Ayvalik Otogar 15mins Car
10. August 2021 Ayvalik Izmir 5mins Truck
11. August 2021 Izmir Denizli Coach
13. August 2021 Denizli Istanbul Coach
13. August 2021 Denizli Istanbul Coach
16. August 2021 Istanbul Sofia Coach
17. August 2021 Sofia Vidin Train Met some Italian travellers on the train.
17. August 2021 Vidin Border on the bridge 15mins Small truck Offered to let me walk through the border, ask for rides and would pick me up again if I didn't get one.
17. August 2021 Border on the bridge Budapest 1hr Truck Turkish driver who didn't know that Hungary is Muceristan. Let me sleep in his bed while he drove, cooked dinner and talked easy Turkish with me. Best driver ever!
20. August 2021 Budapest Siegendorf 30mins, 1hr Car Hitchhiked with a friend who got a ride within 30 mins. Found a ride for two guys going to Balaton within five minutes. Found a ride for another hitchhiker and me to the border within 1hr.
20. August 2021 Siegendorf Wien 30mins Car
22. August 2021 Wien Ulm 5mins Car
22. August 2021 Ulm Würzburg 5mins Car
23. August 2021 Würzburg Mellrichstadt 30mins Car Changed two times.
23. August 2021 Mellrichstadt Wittenberg 30mins Car
23. August 2021 Wittenberg Potsdam 5mins Car
25. August 2021 Berlin Rostock 30mins Car
25. August 2021 Rostock Ribnitz-Damgarten 15mins Car
25. August 2021 Ribnitz-Damgarten Stralsund 15mins Car
25. August 2021 Stralsund Rambin 1min Car
25. August 2021 Rambin Samtens 15mins Car
25. August 2021 Samtens Bergen auf Rügen 15mins Car
25. August 2021 Bergen auf Rügen Dranske 15mins Car
28. August 2021 Dranske Altenkirchen 15mins Car With a female friend.
28. August 2021 Altenkirchen Samtens 30mins Car With a female friend.
28. August 2021 Samtens Stralsund 30mins Car With a female friend.
28. August 2021 Stralsund Berlin 5mins Car With a female friend.
28. August 2021 Berlin Potsdam 15mins Jaguar With a female friend, stupid idea to hitchhike instead of taking the train. Paid off with a luxury ride.