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<map lat='53.07711507589045' lng='8.85498046875' zoom='11' view='3'/>
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Bremen.png
Population: 547,765 (1 March 2007)
Licence plate: HB
Major roads: A1, A27, A28
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Bremen is a city in the north of Germany. Bremen is the smallest of the three German City states. It consists of two seperated enclaves: The city of Bremen and the city of Bremerhaven.

Bremen has direct motorway connections to Hamburg, Hannover, Münster, Osnabrück, Dortmund, the northern sea and the Netherlands.

Hitchhiking out


From the airport it's fairly easy to get a lift to major Dutch cities to the south-west, via the A1 motorway (use a sign with 'A1'), or to Groningen via Oldenburg (Oldenburg) to the west. The best place to stand is at the exit to the long-stay car parks, making sure you can see the number plates of cars where they pause to exit. (Cars with yellow and black plates are likely to be heading to the Netherlands, and German cars tell you where they are from by the first two or three letters on them.)

Furthermore try to place yourself at "Neuenlander Straße" out- or inbound. Outbound you will get to the motorway (as describes above), inbound you can easily get into town. To Neulander Strasse one can easily get by tram 6 (Flughafen) or 6E (~ 5 stops from the center).

You can also try on the entrance of the highway near IKEA. Very nice spot general direction south. It's a bit more difficult for straight direction west if you want to enter the Netherlands from the far north to Groningen. Reasons: IKEA is just behind the spot and hence there are many people from all over the place to buy some furniture. This can also cause problems, when they are totally loaded. How to get there : Take either tram line no. 4 or 5 to station 'Huckelriede' then switch over into bus line no. 53 until the end (IKEA) or station 'Carl-Zeiss-Str.' (one earlier). Be aware that you leave the city boarders, when using Bus 53. You'll need an area-extension if you don't want to dodge the fare. There is a bus stop just before the highway entrance, where car can stop in order to take you.

If you want to go south, you can also go to Wildeshausen, where you can get to Raststätte Wildeshausen on the A1. You can take the bus in Bremen from the Hauptbahnof until Wildseshausen Bahnhof. It take something like one hour fifteen to get there, and it cost EUR 3. From Wildeshausen train station you have to walk north for 20 minutes, pass the bridge over the Autobahn, then take left, and you will find the petrol station.


A good option for heading north beyond Hamburg is the Raststätte Wildeshausen to the south of Bremen. Although this seems out of the way in the wrong direction, it is a great spot for rides up the A1, and the train to Wildeshausen (RB58 Direction Osnabrück) runs at least some of the time without ticket inspectors. From the Wildeshausen train station, it is a 20 minute walk to the raststätte, where you can find many rides going to Hamburg or Scandanavia.

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