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Route Amsterdam - Hamburg - Copenhagen

Hitchhiking the route Amsterdam - Hamburg - Copenhagen (or vice versa) is a popular route among hitchhikers. In theory, the route of 788 km [1] can be done in 8 hours and 4 minutes by car. With hitchhiking, it's possible to do this route in one day.

The route Amsterdam - Hamburg can, in theory, be done in 4,5 hours (467 km) [2].

From Amsterdam

From Amsterdam you will follow the A1 towards Amersfoort, Hengelo and Germany. Your best chance is to start at the official Liftplaats near the Amstel Station, or walk further that road towards the Petrol-station 300 meters further. 15 Kilometers further the A1 you will find a large petrol-station near Muiden (between exit 2 Muiden and 3 Muiderslot). You can ask your driver if they wil pass that spot or even go further. The second petrol-station is 30 km further just before the first exit to Amersfoort. You will find also good spots at the entries along the highway as there is often a rather large on-ramp that you can use to thumb drivers.

Your route is basically Apeldoorn - Hengelo - Bremen - Hamburg. The most important petrol-stations are Kootwijk, near Apeldoorn, After Hengelo, Dammer Berge after the Osnabrück junction.

After you crossed the border near Hengelo the A1 (Netherlands) changes into the A30. You won't find any petrol stations for quite a while. The last good hitchable petrol station in the Netherlands is just after Hengelo. Your best shot is to find a driver who is going to Bremen or further. As such you will avoid the infamous crossing at Osnabrück. If you only find drivers going somewhere along the A30, check out the specific highway article for good spots along the way. Hitching along the on-ramps should bring you to Osnabrück in around 1-2 hours. Best for this are the ramps Bad Bentheim and Ibbenbüren. If your driver only goes into the city of Osnabrück, try to convince him to bring you to the ramp in Osnabrück-Hafen, which is a good spot for hitchhiking further north. Don't worry, it works somehow!

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After Osnabrück:

  • passing Bremen
  • if going for Hamburg, best way to enter for passing cars?
  • two options for drivers:

From Copenhagen

-> A2 -> A30 (Germany) -> A1 (Netherlands)

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