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Flag of Netherlands
Flag Noord Holland.png
Noord Holland
Population: 6,576
Major roads: A1
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Muiden is a beautiful village in the west of the Netherlands, near Amsterdam.

The city is directly connected to the motorway A1.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Amersfoort, Apeldoorn, Germany

Coming from Amsterdam, you can take the Connexxion bus #101 from Amstelstation in Amsterdam towards P&R Muiden. From there you can walk to the the left, finding a map of the town. It's a 15 minute walk through this nice village, ask people for the bus station at the Mariahoeveweg. There you'll find a big parking area. Walk down the Mariahoeveweg to the right (when standing on the parking area) down under the bridge, and after that you'll find a ramp towards the A1. Walk this up and you'll find a delivery road towards the service station in front of you. Walk along this way and you'll find yourself seconds later on the service station Honswijk directly along the motorway.

Yes, tried it yesterday. Fantastic. If you have the time go through the village (Muiden) to the see, very nice there! But I haven't seen a bus line 152 to Muiden, yesterday I got the line 101 (from Connexxion! Attention! There are 2 different bus companies in A'dam) that stops at the P&R Muiden. There you have a 10min walk through the village (map of city after 2min walk) where you can find the "Mariahoeveweg" easily. There you go under the bridge and you follow the way next to the motorway to the tank station. A lot of traffic in the week between 15 en 17 o'clock!

West towards Amsterdam

Walk to the same bus station as described above (Mariahoeveweg). There, walk to the left until you find a ramp towards the motorway. This is connected directly to the service station. There you can stand or ask people for going towards Amsterdam.