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Denizli is a town in southwest Turkey.

Hitchhiking out

Southeast towards Antalya E 87

Get out of the city center to the start of the D585/E87. It should not take long to get a lift out.

North towards Pamukkale

Follow the D320 North-East out of town, and go left on the 'Pamukkale Yolu' street, walk under the new highway and start hitching after that. Pamukkale should be about 15 minutes away.

West towards Izmir/Selçuk

Follow the D320 in the westward direction out of town, and just start hitching at any free space to stand.

East towards Konya/Isparta

Follow the D320 north-east out of town, and stand at a gas station to get a direct ride to Konya, or further east more easily.

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

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