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Project 888
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Paris! If you can host one or more of the participants, please register yourself here.

The checkpoint cities

MAP with cities and rings

The goal of the checkpoint cities is to help hitchhikers through their journey through evening meetings and having volunteers on the spot every at dawn. The goal of having several rings is to ensure that we help hitchhikers to progressively get to Paris in all safety.

  • The Morning Volunteers

There will be volunteers helping hitchhikers leave any given city on any given ring on the actual hitchhiking spot at dawn. The volunteers will provide hitchhikers with tips and advice.

  • The Evening Meetings

Every evening, in any given city, there will be an evening meeting. People who do not have any accomodation and find a place to stay. Hitchhikers can exchange good stories and share tips and advice.

Please write down your name next to your city and mention whether you would like to be a morning volunteer or a meeting organizer:

  • If you are a morning volunteer you can then edit the meeting information regarding the actual spot hitchhikers will have to leave from and how to get there.
  • If you are a evening organizer, you can then edit the meeting details once you click on your city

Ring 1, start August 3rd, 2500 km away

  • St. Petersburg (3000km)
  • Athens (2955km)
  • Moscow (2847km)
  • Istanbul (2700km)

Ring 2, start August 4th, 2000 km away

Ring 3, start August 5th, 1500 km away

Ring 4, start August 6th, 1000 km away

Ring 5, start August 7th, 1000 km away

Ring 6, start August 8th, 500 km away

More than 3000 km away

You can of course start your European hitchhiking event from further away than the 6th RING. You are free to start from wherever you want.