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Project 888
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888, Paris wants you for a nomadic date

Participate in the first European Hitchhiking Day! Come and hitchhike to Paris on the 8th of August and take part in the open space day on Saturday: "How to life a nomad-life", on hitchhiking, sustainable travel and hospitality exchange, with games, workshops, sharing of skills and knowledge exchange.

Share Experiences and Skills

For Saturday we are planning to create an open space for people to share experiences, knowledge and ideas. We want to do games, organise workshops and discussion groups following the Open Space Techniques.

We will start in the morning with sharing ideas of what kind of workshop people want to do, what expectations people might have of this day, and what people want to learn. Then we will move towards smaller groups doing exactly what you want to do.

It follows the law of two feet: if you find yourself in a situation where you are not contributing or learning, move somewhere you can. The principles of open space are

  • whoever comes are the right people
  • whenever it starts is the right time
  • whatever happens is the only thing that could have
  • when its over its over.

Ideas for workshops so far

Open Space.

  • What is Open Space?
  • How to do workshops

On Hitchhiking:

  • Hitchhiking as a life-style
  • Hitchhiking with a costume (what do you prefer to wear?)
  • Hitchhiking as a woman
  • The art of sign-making

On Nomadic life

  • How to travel without money/ low budget
  • How to survive in a city without having a sleeping place
  • What skills do you have with which you earn your dime?

Hospitality Exchange Roundtables

  • Sustainable Hospitality Exchange
  • The User's Bill of Rights