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Flag of Portugal
State: Lisboa Region
Population: 500,000
Licence plate:
Major roads: A1, A2, A12, A19
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Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese) is the capital of Portugal, the westernmost capital of continental Europe.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Coimbra, Porto, Spain, France E 80 E 01

Take the metro to "Encarnação" (red line). From there find your way to the Galp petrol station close by [1] (halfway there's the local market, where you can get veggies and fruits for the road). You can also take a bus #25, #45, #81 or #745 to the area east of the airport. The closest bus stop is Qta do Morgado [2]. Note that you can calculate how to get there with public transport on Google maps!

This petrol station is in "Segunda Circular" (the ring), right before the motorway A1 direction north towards Porto, Coimbra & Aveiro. It can be difficult to get a ride because people might only come to fill up their car and go the suburbs or back to the city centre. Keep asking for a lift to the A1, at least to "área de serviço de Aveiras", the first petrol station on the highway, from where you'll have no trouble going further. You can check out all petrol stations along the A1

Note: If you're going to Spain and France, reach the "área de serviço de Santarém", the second petrol station on the A1, and find someone who goes to the A23. "Vilar Formoso", near Guarda, is the busiest border Pt-Es, and this is the best (and shortest) way to cross Spain, through Autovía de Castilla.

This one is very good :) Verified on 5th Aug 2014 **** Agree! Good and easy. November 2015 **** Not so good. We stuck there for a couple of hours, if u don't have a lot of time better take a bus to Porto (10 euro).

In case you're going north, consider taking the train to get out of Lisbon - the ticket costs 2.20 euro for up to 1h30 of travel, no matter where you go nor which train you take (June 2014). In Vila Franca de Xira (30min by train), you have both the national road and the toll for the A1 motorway in a walking distance. Be forewarned: in 2016, there were toll officers on duty that chased hitch-hikers away. The roundabout is too fast for cars to really stop here. @@@@Otherwise, this is still a really good method to reach to Porto. The walk to the Motorway Toll is not exactly close but you come out of the station turn right, just ask anyone the way towards the A1 Tollway. Basically comeout turn right on the main street, you will pass Pingo Doce superstore on left keep walking until on right side you see a Car Service Center and the road is turning left and all vehicles are turning left too. You walk and you will see a roundabout from where you have to take right and go straight. Keep walking the signs will show A1 motorway. After another 300 meters walk there is a roundabout which points to A1 Toll Highway and backwards slight left to national highway going to Porto. Keep walking and don't go towards the national highway. Right after this roundabout there is a petrol Station on the right. Don't stay here, keep walking and then there is another super market on right and a petrol station on left , keep walking and then you will reach your FINAL ROUNDABOUT where the second exit on right is the Toll Road going to Lisbon as well as PORTO. Now as you enter this road find your spot close to entry and smile and stand. Don't walk to the toll. This spot near the entry is a kind of incline , all cars kind of slow down and is great for eye contact and also spot for cars to pick you up (not necessarily: cars move pretty fast and the roundabout is small enough that cars won't really be able to stop). Some soul touching the highway will definitely stop. If someone is not going all the way to Porto request them to drop you to the next petrol station on the highway to Porto. This is about 10-12 kms away but it is a restaurant cum petrol station so amazing to get ride all the way up north to PORTO and beyond.

EliasExplores at this spot with a sign provided by a worker of the petrol station. You can find this spot also here.

North towards Torres Vedras, Caldas da Rainha

If you want to go North through the A8 highway (which passes through cities closer to the coast, until Leiria), take the metro (yellow line) to "Senhor Roubado". From there walk 5 minutes to the Galp petrol station in the bottom of the road "Calçada de Carriche". You'll have to cross this multi-lane road to be on the right side (direction out of Lisbon), be patient and careful... This is the last petrol station before the highway, but drivers can still go to many other different directions, you just have to keep asking (feedback so far varies from hopeless to great spot!). The first service station in the A8 will be "Loures", some 20 km away, and the second "Torres Vedras".

South or East: Beja, Évora, Faro, Madrid, Spain

Option 1: Go to Alcântara (Alcântara-Terra train station or bus e.g. #720, #52, #24, #773) and walk to the access of the motorway that leads you directly to the bridge over the river direction south via the A2 motorway. Walk up the on-ramp and immediately before the motorway there'll be a little parking space where cars can stop [3]. Traffic on the bridge is huge so the cars aren't going that fast.

Be aware that it's forbidden to hitch-hike there because the parking plot is considered as part of the highway. You may be spotted by the camera and they may come specially to bid you to leave the place.

If you don't want to risk the police, you can hitch legally at the entrance of the ramp, there is plenty of space to stop and cars drive slow enough.

Option 2: Take the Fertagus train, at Roma Areeiro, Entrecampos or Sete Rios train stations, cross the river and get off at Foros de Amora [4]. From there just walk under the A2 motorway and get to the petrol station right next to it. Both petrostation and motorway are surrounded by a fence, so you need to go around and ring the doorbell in the back, so that they'll open the door. Other option: right after crossing under the highway, go up and get around the highway fence and then walk right next to the highway for 100m until the petrol station. This will be the first petrol station on this motorway and from there you can ask people which way they headed and take off towards south or east. But as a lot of drivers in this station are going in different directions or very short distances, it is good to take a first ride to Palmela service station, where it is easier to get longer ride. Cars will go either through the A2 towards the south (Algarve), or the A6 towards east (Évora and Spain).

Check out all the petrol station on A2 motorway and A6 (towards Spain).

PS WARNING FEMALE HITCHHIKERS HEADED TOWARDS BADAJOZ: On March 25th 2016 I started to hitch on my own from Lisbon, was doing very well, however I followed my drivers' recommendations to hitch the National road N4 instead of the A6. I got stuck at Borda's gaz station for 3 hours, 40 kms before Badajoz. Ends up that it is a creepy area for female solo travellers, gas station workers were sexist, mean and made me feel very unsafe, only creepy men with no clear destination would stop or pass by this gas station commenting that I was 'sozinha' (alone) and offering to go 'somewhere for a ride' or 'partying' (I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese). One of my driver had told me that this area was dangerous, because there is a lot of drugs, arms and human traffic in this area (many dirty prostibulos along the road). I ended up paying a friendly taxi driver to get out of there. I have years of experience hitchhiking and never felt that unsafe. If you really want to hitch through Badajoz then I would recommend you only take drivers that stick to A6 and do not stop anywhere near the border.

Option 3: Catch the Feragus train to Fogueteiro station. This station is adjacent to the A2 highway. Exit on the south side and follow the footpath around the nearby buildings (you should be able to follow other passengers). Turn right and cross the bridge. From here you can hitch near the on-ramp or illegally on the highway itself a there is plenty of space for cars to stop in the emergency lane. This is a good spot to catch a lift south to the Algarve or east towards Spain. However keep in mind highway patrol near metropolitan areas such as Lisbon are far less patient with hitchhikers than their rural counterparts.

West: Sintra

Go to the train station Sete Rios (by train or by metro to Jardim Zoologico). Leave the train station in direction of Campolide (South) and when you take the southern exit go straight (follow the street over some kind of bridge), turn right at the crossing and you will see the motorway in front of you. Go behind the bridge to the roundabout, you'll see the directions towards Sintra. Plenty of space and cars go not to fast. You will get on the IC19 going all the way to Sintra. If you don't get a direct lift try to hitch from exit to exit.

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