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Évora is a city in Portugal.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Lisbon

There is a roundabout where the ring road meets the 114 and cars go relatively slow [1]. You might not get straight to Lisbon, but you can definitely do some village-hopping.

Other useful info

Évora is pretty boring! Add: There are a lot of free cultural events, like music concerts, at theatro garcia de resende for instance, at least from May onwards. Plus, public library and museums, and roman structures to visit.

The official camping ground is quite expensive- more than 12 euros the minimum price per one small tent and one person in May (depending on the season, the price gets even higher in the peak of summer). However, you can camp in the outskirts right about around here: ( 38.5762082, -7.9301514) and make use of the free public toilets and 50cents strong coffee machine at the municipal pool, which is right by. If you decide to go to the actual pool in order to swim, it is also less then 3 euros per hour, and you can take a shower (obviously). During summer months the outdoor area is open and it's huge. Even if people go by your tent (written in 2023) it isn't likely they will disturb you, but make sure you aren't too exposed to the road. There are some nice oak trees under which to set the tent, and a cultural association which was closed when I went by with a nice cosy garden and cosy chairs made of used car tyres.