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EliasExplores in the air of Bordeaux

Hi! I'm Elias and known as "Elias Limitless" (formerly "Elias Explores") on the webz! I'm practically a full time traveler with specification on doing traveling videos!
Here, smack those links!

I'm both well acquainted with cycling and hitchhiking. My first trip via hitchhiking was from Porto to Barcelona (and back) in April 2015. In summer 2015 I hitchhiked multiple times in Portugal. In August/September 2015 I hitchhiked from Poland back to Portugal (almost the same route that I was already cycling in winter 2014). One of my hitchhiking achievements include getting a ride by a tractor, 2-3 kilometers away from the easternmost point of Portugal! I love to get in touch with fellow travelers, so feel free to hit me up! :)