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Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
Language: Slovak
Capital: Bratislava
Population: 5 455 000
Currency: Euro (EUR, €)
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<map lat='48.6667' lng='19.5' zoom='6' view='0' float='right' country='Slovakia'/>

Slovakia is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement with borders to Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Off the international routes, few drivers may stop when you are standing on the road, so it is best to ask directly at gas stations. Some, but not many drivers speak English or German. Russian is more widely understood, but not necessarily liked. It is not common from the drivers to ask money for a ride. Hitchhiking in Slovak is called autostop.

Slovakia has one major motorway, the D1. Hitchhiking directly on this road is not allowed, but one can hitchhike from entry ramps or ask drivers for a lift at petrol stations. On the country's national roads, you can simply stand wherever cars are going slowly and put out your thumb.


Slovak is a Slavic language with many divergent dialects.

  • Hello (formal/casual) Dobrý deň/Ahoj
  • Please Prosím
  • Thank you Ďakujem
  • Are you going to ...? Idete do ...?
  • Are you please going in direction of ...? Idete, prosím, smerom na ...?
  • Goodbye Dovidenia
  • Yes Áno
  • No Nie
  • Next gas station Na ďalšiu benzínku
  • I will get down here Tu vystúpim

You can find a lot of offers for hitchhikers at (available in English). However, most drivers expect you to pay something for the ride (less then 1 EUR for km)

Titush hitchhiking towards Slovakia


Hugo hitchhiking from Poprad to Zilina

Border crossings

Number Plates

The plate consists of two letters followed by the coat of arms of Slovakia, then three numbers followed by two letters. The first two letters represent the town, and because these codes are well known by drivers, you can write them on signs.

Number plate of town Ilava, Slovakia