Barwinek-Vyšný Komárnik border crossing

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The Barwinek-Vyšný Komárnik border crossing joins Poland (near Barwinek) and Slovakia (near Vyšný Komárnik). The border crossing is on the E371 road and the nearest major cities are Rzeszów (Poland) and Prešov (Slovakia).

The border crossing has several shops and two large parking lots for trucks. There is sufficient space on the side of the road to stop a car or truck.

Hitching out

North into Poland

Just north of the duty free shops, there is a parking space alongside the road with room for two trucks to stop, and drivers are coming through pretty slowly. Here you can stand and thumb.

South into Slovakia

Your best best is to stand at the bottom of the hill next to the small shop and cafe on the southbound lane, which is after the point where trucks enter the road. Unfortunately, trucks coming down the hill have enough momentum that drivers might not be so willing to stop. So, waiting times can be a little longer than usual, but it is possible to get a lift out in an hour or two.