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Zilina is a city in northwestern Slovakia.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Czech Republic, Poland (N11)

This road enters Poland at the Zwardoń border crossing.

Southeast towards Martin and Poprad E 50

Ask for a Tesco shopping center (hypermarket) that is within walking distance from the city center, from there you will see a gas station near the road. There is a bus stop just next to the gas station which is a good spot.

East towards Bratislava, Hungary E 75 E 50 (18)

The spot is located on the Hričovská bus stop, right after traffic lights. You just need to push the button to stop all the cars departing from Zilina towards Bratislava (using both motorway and "old" way no 18). The place is really perfect so it is advisable to take only long distance rides (we'd used "BRATISLAVA" sign and after 10 minutes we stopped a truck going to Hungary). You can get to that point by foot (like we did) or, according to google maps, you can take a bus no 29 to "Hričovská" or buses no 24 or 29 to "Furdekova". "Furderkova" bus stop is approx. 120 meter from the spot - while going by bus from the center, get off the bus and go left towards the river Rajcanka. You will go through walkway over the river and then continue going forward to the E75/E50/18 - you will find that spot easily. For those who are going to that spot by foot - be aware that on some parts of Bratislavska street (it is near railways) there are rundowns inhabited by "special" people. I was there with my girlfriend and for sure I won't use that road after dark. trash:Žilina