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<map lat='49.0' lng='21.233333' zoom='12' view='3' float='right' />
Flag of Slovakia
Population: 91 498
Licence plate: PO
Major roads: D1
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Prešov is the third largest city in Slovakia, after Bratislava and Košice.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Košice, Miskolc (HU) E 50 D1

The best place to hitchhike is near the train and bus station (Železničná stanica), about 10 minutes on foot from the city center. When walking away from the center towards the TESCO supermarket, you will see traffic lights. You can hitchhike immediately after the lights. The road to Košice has a lot of traffic and waits are rarely longer than 10 minutes. Write an H in circle or HU for Hungary, or a KE sign for Košice.

East towards Humenné, Ukraine, North towards Bardejov, Rzeszów (PL) E 371

Take trolleybus #1 from the train station (Železničná stanica). Get down at very last stop. On the right side of the street there is a good place to hitchhike. This is quite a busy road with many trucks going to Poland or Ukraine.

You can get somewhat further out of the city by taking bus 20 in the direction Ľubotice. Get off at the stop Stražnicka and walk forward into the same direction as the bus until the end of the street. Turn left, walk further and then turn right. The busy road you see ahead of you is the E371, and you can hitch from the bus stop at the intersection.

The road splits after the village of Kapušany. Write a PL sign for Poland (via the Barwinek-Vyšný Komárnik border crossing), BJ sign for Bardejov, SK for Svidnik, or HE for Vranov nad Topľou, HE for Humenné.

Public transport

It is possible to cross from one end of the city to the other by public transport in about 40 minutes. An adult ticket for a bus or trolleybus is 0.50€. It is best to buy a ticket, because ticket controls are strict and controllers may bring the police in to take your personal information from your ID or passport. But it's the most they can do. They cannot force you to pay and unless you're a Slovak (or Czech) resident, you can throw the fine into the trash can.