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Rzeszów is a city in southeastern Poland.

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Hitching out

East towards Przemyśl, Lviv (Ukraine) (N4)

To Ukraine you can't cross the border by foot in Korczowa, but in Medyka! In Korczowa you can wait for 3 hours because there are a lot of cars

Take bus 17 or 34 from the city center until the terminus called "Lwowska szpital". When you're next to the hospital, walk straight, turn left near the big dentist centre, on the end of the hill turn right, walk past the military cemetery and the intersection with traffic lights. After that there is a big place for stopping (a PKS bus stop), where even big trucks can stop with no problems.

North towards Lublin, Białystok (N19)

Take a bus number 2, 12, 14 or 31 from the city center and go until the bus stop "Lubelska Agrohurt", after the Orlen Petrol Station on the right. There is a big bus stop with place enough for a truck to stop.

South towards Slovakia (N9) E 371

Take bus 3, 4, 15, 28, 30 south out of the center. Get off at the stop after the large OBI store (bus stop "Podkarpacka Dom Studenta". You can hitch south straight from the bus stop. However, there is not enough room to stop a long-distance truck and most cars are staying inside of Poland, so a combination of rides may be necessary to reach the Barwinek-Vyšný Komárnik border crossing. Avoid getting into a car going to Sanok, because the intersection where they turn east is very bad for hitchhiking.

North towards Radom, Warsaw (N9)

Take bus 7, 8, 20, 27 or 47 from the city center until the stop Warszawska górka. The best bus is number 8, becuase this is its final stop, so you cannot miss it. Get off, walk straight ahead for about 7 minutes until the next bus stop in Miłocin, after the intersection with the road to Bratkowice. This next bus stop belongs to the zone 2 of Rzeszów's public transport system, and some tickets controls do happen, so don't go there with your city (zone 1) ticket! The bus stop in Miłocin is a good place for hitching out, as there is an intersection and a pedestrian crossing, so no cars are going very fast.

West towards Kraków, Wrocław, Germany (N4)

This is a bit tricky, because there are many hitchhiking options here. Take bus number 1, 22 or 26 and ride until the last intersection with traffic lights. From there you have several options:

A you can get off on the nearest bus stop (bus stop "Krakowska cmentarz", but it is still on the 2-lane road and the cars are passing by with big speeds, but the stop is enormous

B ride until the terminus ("Krakowska pętla"), get off and walk about 6 minutes ahead for the next bus stop, where the road narrows to only 1 lane (most preferable)

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