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Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian
Capital: Vilnius
Population: 2,955,986
Currency: Euro (EUR) since 2015
Hitchability: <rating country='lt' />
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<map lat='55.26659815231191' lng='23.40087890625' zoom='6' view='3' country='Lithuania'/>

Lithuania is a member state of the European Union as well as the Schengen Agreement. It has borders to Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Kaliningrad (Russia). Like the other Baltics it is a nice country to hitchhike. There are many active hitchhikers.

Agne hitchhiking in Lithuania.

But when going from Latvia to Poland try to get a direct hitch to the Polish border − it's rather hard getting a car on this motorway − it's built for quickly crossing Lithuania!

Like many countries in Eastern Europe hitchhiking on the motorways isn't really forbidden (it's forbidden to walk on motorway), so the advice would be not to hitchhike from petrol stations. Often there are bus stops where many hitchhikers try to get rides. Don't be scared to walk next to a motorway, especially if it's next to a city. The locals and even schoolkids do it, so drivers are used to it, and you are more likely to stop someone.

The only problem when hitchhiking in Lithuania is Kaunas, because of its infrastructure, if you're dropped of there on a motorway, you're likely to walk for a couple of miles.

Get yourself a SIM card for your mobile phone if you want to stay in touch with Lithuanians. The cheapest start at the equivalent of EUR 0,30 at most kiosks.


Border crossing


  • - the best tool to go from one place (A) to another (B). You can enter an address or a bus stop, also you can choose time when you want to leave or arrive. Above this is 'Tvarkaraščiai' - public transport's schedules of trolleybuses, buses and minibuses, and disstrict's buses and minibuses.
  • - this is useful when you look for a bus stop. Enter an adress and you can see all bus stops around. Also, this is very useful to look where exactly is the right house with it's number.
  • Vilnius Hitch-hiking Club is one of the leading hitchhiking organizations in Europe. They have often organized the International Hitch-hiking Conference and have a prominent web presence at (Lith/Eng)
  • Važ - rideshare network (Lith.)

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