Budzisko-Kalvarija border crossing

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Budzisko-Kalvarija border crossing
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Countries: Flag of Poland Poland | Flag of Lithuania Lithuania
Type: Road
Motorway: E 67

The Budzisko-Kalvarija border checkpoint is a border crossing that connects Lithuania and Poland. It lies on the E7 "Via Baltica" highway, which goes fom the Polish city of Białystok through Kaunas in Lithuania, Riga in Latvia, and ultimately reaches Tallinn in Estonia.

Now that both countries are in Schengen, cars no longer regularly come to a stop here. However, the parking lot at the border is still popular with truck drivers, and within walking distance on both sides of the border there are petrol stations where one can ask drivers for onward rides. Because it lies on a major truck route, very long-distance rides are possible here.

Border control might occasionally stop buses, cars with Belarusian register plates, or cars with dark skinned people for checking passports.

Hitching out

Into Lithuania

Stand on the Lithuanian side where the exit from the parking area joins the main road. You may see some police officers stopping cars (they check for people illegally transiting from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad), but they are used to seeing hitchhikers and won't bother you.

If your destination is Latvia or Estonia, hold a sign "LV" to get a lift all the way across Lithuania to the Latvian border.

Into Poland

The closest town is Suwałki, but it is best to wait for a lift going further to the town of Augustów, where the road splits towards Warsaw and Białystok.