Chernyshevskoye-Kybartai border crossing

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The Chernyshevskoye-Kybartai border crossing joins Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast at Chernyshevskoye with Lithuania at Kybartai. It lies near the Lithuanian town of Marijampole.

Walking across this border is permitted.

<map lat='54.6386' lng='22.7432' zoom='12' view='3' float='right' />

Hitching out

West towards Kaliningrad

After crossing the border, it is best to walk 2–3 km out of the village until you reach a three-way intersection. Two of the roads at the intersection lead back towards Lithuania, but the third road is clearly signposted for Kaliningrad. There is not so much long-distance traffic here, but you should be able to stop a truck before too long.