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<map lat='54.71' lng='20.5' zoom='10' />
Flag of Russia
Region (oblast):
Flag of Kaliningrad Oblast.svg
Kaliningrad Oblast
Population: 431,402
Licence plate: 39, 91
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Kaliningrad (In Russian: Калининград, used to be Königsberg till 1946) is the capital of the Russian exclave Kaliningrad Oblast.

Hitching out

Northwest to Zelenogradsk and the Curonian Spit

Find a way to get to the northern end of Ulitsa Aleksandra Nevskogo (Russian: Ул. Александра Невского), which is roughly a few 100 metres after the road crosses a railway line and perhaps a kilometre before the road becomes part of a major motorway junction. One option is bus 31, which crosses the bridge over the railway line and then turns right before the road splits into two separate lanes to continue westwards after doing a u-turn; there is a bus stop on the side of the road right after it turns. From there, you can already see two petrol stations, one on each side of the road. The one on the northbound road has a long, wide exit lane, which makes for an excellent hitching spot.

Northeast to Lithuania

Take bus 37 to the end of Moskovskij prospekt. Hitch from the bus stop after the police station.

South to Poland

Through Mamonovo

Take bus #18 or #27 from the bus stop in the street Zheleznodorozhnaya ulitsa north-west of the yuzhnij vokzal (Southern Railway Station) from (or bus #19 from somewhere else?) to Golubyx ozer (Голубых озёр). You will see some lakes on the right before you have to get off.

Through Bagrationovsk

Take bus 9 until the last stop (Сельхозтехника). The road leads through several villages and then arrives at the Bagrationovsk-Bezledy border crossing.

West into Kaliningrad region

Svetlogorsk, Pionerskii, Jantarnyj (seaside): bus 36 to corner of Lermontovskovo. Baltiisk, Svetlyj: bus 5, trolleybus 6, stop near turn towards A. Kosmodemyanskovo village (check with conductor).

Public transport

Google Maps is available in Kaliningrad to show public transport routes. Alternatively, use a Russian navigation app (for example, the app "EasyWay" is also available in English).

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