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Hello there! I'm Albert, a writer and one of the very few hitchhikers in a wheelchair of the world! ^^

I hope to expand this page in the future, but for now, a brief presentation will do it. I was born in 1990, and I hitchhike alone all around the world since I was fifteen, and with no money at all since I was 18. I believe that hitchhiking (and especially hitchhiking with absolutely no money, not even for the food or the visas) is one of the last sources of true adventure and exploration that remain in our world: the freedom, the complete ignorance of your inmediate future, the uncountable moments of happiness and discovery... but of course, this is hitchwiki, so you probably know exactly what I'm talking about :)

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! I currently reside in Barcelona, Spain, but I spend most of the year hitchhiking around the world, so it is quite difficult to find me there. Still, if I'm there I'll be delighted to host you, so feel free to send me an email if you wanna try! :D

File:9 gran.jpg
Albert sitting in front of his tent in Montserrat, Spain.

Hitchhiking Experience