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Sigurdas hitch-hiking in Catalunya, Dec.2002.

Catalunya is a region in the east of Spain. Many Catalans see Catalunya as their own country. Most people speak both Catalan and Spanish. Many people speak French. Young Catalans might also speak English but at times it can be difficult to find your road if you speak neither Catalan nor Spanish.

Hitchhiking in Catalunya can be quite a challenge at times but experiences are very mixed, ranging from hitchers who get rides relatively easy, to hitchers having larger difficulties and very long waiting times. Overall hitchability is just a bit lower than the one in France. It is obviously easier to hitchhike in the more touristic areas like Costa Brava or Costa Dourada than in the mountains. It is also easier to find English speaking people there.

Catalan language

Somewhat similar to Spanish. If you are competent in Spanish, you should understand a fair deal of Catalan. It is helpful to have something written in catalan on your sign, if you use one. Useful phrases

  • A prop: near.
  • Lluny: far
  • Rotonda: roundabout.
  • Bifurcació: junction.
  • Autopista: highway.
  • Carretera: road.
  • Semàfor: traffic lights.
  • Aquí: here.
  • Allà: there.
  • (Moltes) Gràcies: Thanks (a lot).
  • Si us plau: please.
  • Pari, si us plau: please, stop.
  • Gràcies, és aquí: thanks, it's here.
  • Que va a ...?: are you going to ...?
  • Em pot dur a ...?: can you take me to ...?
  • Sap on és ...? do you know where ... is?
  • Àrea de servei / estació de servei / benzinera / gasolinera: service or petrol area.
  • Sortida: exit.
  • Entrada: way in.
  • Cotxe: Car.
  • Moto: Motorbike.
  • Camió: lorry/truck.
  • Camioneta / furgoneta: van.

Cities in Catalunya: