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Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Population: 368.864
Licence plate: ?B? ????
Major roads: D1, D2
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Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Bratislava, Budapest 2E 65

Take bus number 67, or the free "Avion bus" (it goes from 9am till 10pm every 20/30 minute) that starts on the bus stop "Uzka", and get off at the commercial zone “Avion”. There is a petrol station (where you can shower and even sleep) along the motorway which is going to Slovakia. It's a big commercial zone with big shops. One of them has free internet access, it's the electrical shop before Ikea. This isn't the great spot, but there just isn't any better, so don't expect any miracles. I would say that average waiting time is close to 2 hours and there's always a lot of local traffic near this mall.

South towards Vienna R 52E 461

Take the free bus from behind Tesco's to "Futurum Shopping center" (obchodni centrum) or tram 2 to Ořechovská (the Tesco stop). The Tesco´s is near the main train station, and the free bus has its stop right near the pedestrain bridge between the two big buildings. Once at the shopping center you will find a Tesco gas station, but most the people there are just staying in town. Better to walk south a few hundred meters to the Unicorn station down the way or continue a few more stops south with the tram (number 2 ?). Instead of holding a sign for "Wien" you could try "Mikulov" as well. It is the last city in Czech Republic just right at the border. There you will find another gas station and also good places for hitching with a sign.

Northeast towards Prostějov, Olomouc, Ostrava 1E 462
+ east towards Kroměříž, Zlín 1
+ east towards Uherské Hradiště, Trenčín 50E 50

Take tram number 8. to station Krásného, from the station go to the overbridge. To Olomouc you will stay over head 30 minutes.

You can also take the trolleybus number 33 from the railway station (Hlavní nádraží) to the station Langrova (it takes 13 minutes). Cross the street and go up the street Slavkovská, after two minutes you come to a main road which you also cross and continue on a footpath straight for another 50 meters to a petrol station which already lies on a highway.

West towards Jihlava, Praha 1E 50E 65

From railroad station take tram 8 or 10 and go to the station “Osová” (from other places you can take other trams, which came to this station). There change for bus number 401 or 402 and go to the station “Popůvky - Vintrovna”. Don't worry that you're out of the city. When you get off from the bus, go about 500 m in the bus' direction and you will see the petrol station.

Note: Maybe buses have changed their route, but on 30th April 2010 I hitchhiked from Brno to Praha and Osova is not the correct station to stop at. Next one is the correct one, "Dunajská".

Note 2: Until October due to reconstruction works the tram lines are changed. Indeed, you have to go to Dunajska stop or even to Stary Liskovec (last stop). Now you can get there with tram 12, 13 or 7.

Last time I missed to get off from the bus 401 at Popůvky - Vintrovna, so it took me away far to the next village. There is also a motorway entrance, although not much traffic. Just follow the traffic signs.

Note 3: We tried to find the gas station mentioned above, but you shouldnt get off at Popuvky/Vitrovna but before that. Take bus 402 and get off when you see an Agip and OSV gas station. Walk down a small path to the gas station and start asking.

Highways in the Czech Republic

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