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Казань / Казан
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Flag of Russia
Flag of Tatarstan.svg
Population: 1,176,187
Licence plate: 16, 116
Major roads: M7
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Kazan (In Russian: Казань, in Tatar: Казан) is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia.

There are federal highway connections to Moscow and Ufa (E22), Orenburg (R-239), Ul'yanovsk (R-241) and Igra (R-242). There are also R-175 federal highway and «Northern Europe — Western China» (in construction) route near the city. Google maps and Yandex maps show the city bus routes, so you can easily find a bus from your location in the city to the highway in whichever direction you're going.

In Tatarstan people sometimes expect money from the hitchhikers (which is unusual in the other parts of Russia). To predict confusing situations better to ask drivers if you can get a free lift.

Hitching out

West toward Cheboksary, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow (M7) E 22

From the station for local trains (пригододный вокзал), take an električka train to the stop Zajmišča (Займища). Walk back a hundred metres in the direction the train came from and walk up the stairs onto the bridge. This is the M7, where you can stop a southbound car. The cars are going somewhat fast, but they have an enormous amount of room to stop.

South toward Samara, Orenburg, (Р239)

You need to get as close as possible to the streets crossing prospekt Pobedy/Orenburgskiy trakt (проспект Победы/Оренбургский тракт). Closest busy bus stop is RKB (РКБ). Buses 4, 22, 33, 34, 37 and 45 are passing by. Also bus 197 which goes to the airport suits you. After you get out on the mentioned crossing or RKB stop you have to walk 2 km. until you reach a petrol station. Cars goes pretty fast but you can catch traffic from the petrol station.

There are two roads direction to Samara: 1)Through Bazarnye Mataki (Базарные Матаки) - very low traffic. Don't choose it if the driver drop you before you reach Dimitrovgrad-Samara road. 2)Through Bilyarsk (Билярск) and Nurlat (Нурлат). More big villages and cities on it, much more traffic, better road condition. If you go at night better to skip two roads mentioned above and go to Samara first following P239 and than M5. It's around 150 km. longer but you can hitchhike on M5 road 24 hours.

East toward Naberezhnye Chelny, Ufa, (M7)

From the northern part of the river (e.g.: metro Kozya Sloboda / Yashlek) take bus number 33 towards "Ферма-2", for example from the stop Магазин "Океан" (Magazin "Okean") on prospekt Khusaina Yamasheva. Get out of the bus at the stop "Улица Файзи" and walk 800 meters north east to the bus stop "Poselok Malye Klyki" just east from the junction. You can also get out of the bus one stop before at "Аграрная улица" and just follow the road for about 1,3 kilometer untill you reach that stop behind the junction. You can start hitchhiking in front of this bus stop. You could also try to find a bus which goes direcly to "Poselok Malye Klyki", but as far as I see it you would have to change the bus and don't gain any time.

Note: the stop "Poselok Malye Klyki" is about 100 meter further east than shown on google maps.

East toward Yoshkar-Ola, Cheboksary, (A295)

Take buses 104, 552, 554 from northern railway station (Kazan-2) and get out after big junction on the bus stop Novaya Tura (Новая Тура). Right after the bus stop is a good position for hh.

Also you can take bus 46 somewhere from the city till bus stop village Zalesny (поселок Залесный). But be ready to walk about 5-6 km till the junction.

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