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Yoshkar-Ola (Russian: Йошкар-Ола) is a city in European Russia, the capital of the Republic of Mari El.

Hitching out

South toward Cheboksary

To get onto the road going south, take bus 7 (which goes far, but runs rarely), or take bus 15 until Chigashevo (Чигашево). If you don't want to wait for these buses, you can take trolleybus 3 or 5 until the meat-processing plant (мясокомбинат) and hitch from after the roundabout.

West toward Kozmodemyansk

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North toward Yaransk and Kirov

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North-east toward Sernur

It's possible to hitchhike just after the roundabout where the "Woman with bread" monument is (intersection of Petrova str. with Sernur road). Or continue one kilometer more until exit from the city sign.

Alternatively you can go by city minibuses 16, 17, 18 until villages Semyonovka (Семёновка) or Danilovo (Данилово). It's 100m from the bus stop to the Sernur road.

Southeast toward Volzhsk, Kazan

Take trolleybus 8, or minibus 21, 34 until the turn into the suburb Zvyozdny (Звёздный).