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<map lat="53.20005999999988" lng="50.150000000000404" zoom="10" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Russia
State: Samara Oblast
Population: 1.135.000
Licence plate: 63, 163
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Samara (Russian: Самара) is a city in the Volga region of Russia, capital of the Samara Oblast. The city lies near the M5 road which connects Moscow with Siberia.

Hitching out

East towards Tolyatti, Moscow, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, M5 road

Take bus 1 from the train station until the stop Mekhzavod (п. Мехзавод).

Take bus number 67 from the train station to the last stop near Ikea. There is an exit road from Ikea towards north and you can easily HH there. 5km after Ikea, the road splits. One direction is going to Ufa and Chelyabinsk and another one to Tolyati, Ulyanovsk and Kazan. If you are going to Kazan, be careful with the road number P240. It's almost empty, every 5 minutes one car passes by and mostly local traffic. Avoid this road to Kazan.

Please, check with the bus driver is the bus number 67 is going to the end of the street "Moskovskoe shosse". I took this bus 10 days ago and I am 99% sure that it was number 67 :)

South towards Uralsk, Kazakhstan, M32 (A 300) road

You can take suburban train from the train station to the Tolevaya (Толевая) station, then find a bridge over the river Samarka. Or take a bus or minibus that goes down the Avrora street, after you cross the bridge over the river, get off.

But more easily to take a bus from suburban bus station (Пригородный автовокзал). It's situated near train station. You need to take bus to the village Pridorogniy (Придорожный), bus numbers - 105, 105д, 108, 118. Village lies along the road M32.

West towards Orenburg

Take a bus from the Avrora bus station (автостанция Аврора), to the the village Rubezhniy (Рубежный), get off near Rubezhniy cemetery. Bus numbers - 63, 101а 103к.

South towards Saratov, Volgograd, P 226 road

You need to take a bus and get off on the road near village Voskresenka, where bus turn to the Novokuibyshevsk city (Новокуйбышевск). From the central bus station - 129, 140a. From the suburb bus station - 114, 128, 140.

North towards Ulyanovsk, Kazan, P 178 road

From the bus stop Barboshina polyana (Барбошина поляна) take a minibus 113 to the village Mirniy (Мирный), when bus will turn from the road to the village you must get off.

Or you can take a minibus 110 (85 rubles, September 19) on Moskovskoe shosse street (Московское шоссе) to the village Krasniy Yar (Красный Яр). When you get to the village, you need to pass through it to find a road P 178.

Better to go to Kazan through Koshki-Nurlat-Bilyarsk. Rather than through Nurlat-Aksubaevo-Chistopol — it's much further. Or through Bazarnye Mataki — road condition is quite bad and traffic is low.

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