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Ulyanovsk is a city in Russian Federation. It is the birthplace of Vladimir Il'yich Ulyanov - known to the world as Lenin. The town has a really nice quiet vibe with a well-preserved city centre full of merchants' houses end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries. You can follow in the footsteps of little Lenin and see his first school and his family house. (All houses restored and sign-posted )

Hitchhiking out

South-East towards Samara

You need to get to R178 motorway (route via Dimitrovgrad) Get a minibus - marshrutka 78 from the city centre- Goncharova street and get across the Emperor's Bridge to the other side of Volga, the new part of the city - Verchnyaya Terrassa (the Upper Terrace) area. There will be a bus terminal on the right hand side. Pass it and then there is a petrol station. Past the petrol station is a good spot to start hitching towards Samara.

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