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Hitchwiki - we love participation
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Here's a bunch of ideas about how we want to keep Hitchwiki. You can add yourself to the list of people who want to keep Hitchwiki like this below.

Guidelines / Ideas / Concepts we like here

Rule #1: we try to avoid setting up rules

Spirit of cooperation

  • Most action just happens - someone has an idea, goes ahead and does it.
  • In case there's doubt if all hitchhikers would be happy with an action: we want a do-ocratic work environment, where we first try to decide by consensus.
  • We encourage active member participation and try to keep convivial work environments
    • Try to stay friendly, e.g. not "your stuff sucks so I deleted it", but "maybe you could try to do it like this or that the next time?".


  • As much communication and information as possible is and will be available on the internet. This excludes information such as server passwords, but it goes as far as what software and extensions are running on Hitchwiki, and naturally a history of all edits ever made.
  • Many decisions are made and discussed in wikipages or the mailing list, both are accessible by everyone. It has happened many times though that MrTweek and/or Guaka decided something on their own, but these decisions have thus far never caused any unhappiness with anyone.

Free software

  • We exclusively use free software. The entire server stack, MediaWiki, any mailing list software, everything is and should be free. Skype for personal communication about the project is everyone's own choice but is discouraged - use IRC or Jabber instead. Though we primarily discuss hitchhiking (and not technological or philosophical issues).

Open data

Free license

  • Content is licensed under the Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution license.


  • Given enough interest, people should be allowed to set up their own language version. So far we have versions in many languages.

Not for profit

  • Hitchwiki costs us almost nothing, so we don't need money to run it and it's unlikely we would need money in the future.
  • We don't want advertising or affiliate marketing. We would only accept it in case money would be needed and other forms of fund-raising are not succeeding.
  • Hitchwiki is officially part of the German Abgefahren e.V. not-for-profit organization with the goal of promoting hitchhiking.

One of the things to keep in mind is the use of brand-names, try to avoid them, so if you find you have to, use McD to refer to that hamburger chain, but don't give them free publicity by using their full name!