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For urgent bugs contact guakasite, wikitalk. For less urgent bugs make a post on our public issue tracker at github.

There's always something to do.

Other channels:

Hitchwiki needs you

So far Hitchwiki has been running without a budget of any significance. In order to keep it running smoothly in this way we're looking for some folks who are willing to spend some time on Hitchwiki.


  • Mediawiki: Knowledge of templates, editing, MediaWiki namespace, things like this. Semantic MediaWiki is a nice extra.
  • Frontend: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Administration: bash scripting, Debian
    • puppet would be nice
  • Development: PHP, MySQL (most needed: update the maps code - lot's of deprecated function calls)
    • Python: Pywikipediabot
  • WordPress: We have some WordPress stuff.

Not all is necessary of course, every assistance is appreciated. And we are good at spreading links to learn :)


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