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Drumroots is a 49-year old hitchhiker. He grew up in London, England, but his roots are from the Punjab in India.

He started hitchhiking in 1985, towards the end of the golden-age of hitchhiking in Europe, when it seemed like every young student was doing it. In the summer, there would be dozens of international hitchhikers at every hitchhiking point out of the capitals of Europe. Thirty years later, it seems like there are not so many of us tramping around; also, he is not a young student anymore but his wanderlust has never diminished.

He has travelled to many parts of the world, and has hitchhiked in most of the countries he has travelled to. One of these days, he will sit down and look back and maybe find some numbers and stats to add to the story, but in the meantime, you will find him, as always, somewhere on the road.