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[[File:P1010832.JPG|right|thumb|300px| night hitchhiking in [[Brazil]]]]
[[File:DSC01806.JPG|right|thumb|300px|platschi hitchhiking in [[Turkey]]]]
[[File:P1010833.JPG|right|thumb|300px| hitching with [User:Platschi|Platschi] in [[Uruguay]]]]
[[File:Serbia_platschi.jpg|right|thumb|300px|platschi hitchhiking in [[Serbia]]]]

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platschi hitchhiking in Turkey
platschi hitchhiking in Serbia


Platschi is a hitchhiker located in Uruguay. From time to time you can read about his hitchhiking trips at this blog (German) or (English). A more or less complete statistical record of his trips can be found on hitchlog.


For contact information, have a look here.


Platschi hitchhiked through/inside the following countries (year = first hitch in that particular country):

Planned trips


  • The longest ride ever: 1443 km, пыша to новосибирск, Russia, 50 hours, one truck.
  • The fastest ride ever was together with MrTweek hitchhiking from Freiburg towards Hannover, got a driver inbetween who was riding 260 km/h on the German A7 highway.
  • The milestone of 25,000 km hitchhiking was reached on May 10, 2008 hitchhiking from Riesenbeck-Birgte towards Münster in a Smart Cabriolet. Amazing!
  • The milestone of 50,000 km hitchhiking was reached on April 29, 2009 hitchhiking from Hannover towards Bad Oeynhausen.
  • The milestone of 100,000 km hitchhiking was reached somewhere in August 2010 on the road between Faro (Portugal) and Sevilla (Spain) hitchhiking with a Portuguese-Angolan lady.
  • In this [1] you can find the hitchhiking statistics from platschi.

Since May 2006 he hitchhiked in total around 144,620 km through Europe, Asia, Africa and South America (6/2014). A more or less complete record of his trips can be found on hitchlog.