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<map lat='57.8' lng='28.34' zoom='10' />
Flag of Russia
Region (oblast): Pskov Oblast
Population: 203,279
Licence plate: 60
Major roads: M20
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Pskov (Russian: Псков, Latvian: Pleskava, Estonian: Pihkva, Lithuanian: Pskovas, German: Pleskau) is an ancient city located in the north-west of Russia about 20 kilometers east from the Estonian border, on the Velikaya River. The city of Pskov serves as the administrative center of Pskov Oblast.

Hitchhiking through

North towards St. Petersburg

If you are coming from the South along the M20 (from the South of Latvia or Belarus, there is no need to enter the city itself. Your driver might bring you to the crossing of the M20 with the Krestovskoe Schosse, where traffic turns west into Pskov. You will recognize some old Sovjet monument and a lot of street dogs (at least at night) on the right. Get out here and walk up along the street. Hitchhiking is possible everywhere, though maybe just before the railway bridge might be useful. Behind the bridge you'll also find a petrol station. About 4-5 km north there's also a police post located, those are great for hitchhiking.

If you are coming from Riga along the E77 you have to get to the M20 as well. There is a kind of by-pass north of the city, but you have to cross part of the city anyway. Coming into Pskov on the first bigger crossing go left and follow Yubilejnaya Ulitsa (after the bridge Chudskaya ulitsa) for about 3km, then turn left. Here you could start hitching. After another 2km you have to turn right on the by-pass which leads onto the M20 after 10km. Basically you have to follow the signs for St. Petersburg (or until the by-pass also towards Gdov if there are are no signs for Petersburg). Where the by-pass joins the M20 cars have to slow down and you can easily hitch a ride. However, it might be easier to cross the city and to try to get to the above mentioned Krestovskoe Schosse.


  • Platschi hitchhiked in front of the bridge at 04:00 and got a ride easily, though be aware of the dogs and the crazy woman screaming all over the railway station's soundsystem.
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